When Is the Best Time to Get My Teeth Whitened?

Thinking about getting your teeth whitened?

Having a dazzling white smile can boost your confidence and leave a lasting impression. While various teeth whitening options are available, professional teeth whitening performed by a dental professional is the most effective and long-lasting solution for a picture-perfect bright smile.

However, timing plays a crucial role in maximizing the benefits of this treatment. So, if you’re considering teeth whitening in Asheville, when is the best time to do so? Let’s explore why the timing of teeth whitening matters for optimizing the effects of your new smile.

Considerations for Professional Teeth Whitening

Before diving into the ideal timing, it’s essential to consider a few factors to determine if you qualify for professional teeth whitening.

  • Your oral health. To qualify for an in-office teeth whitening procedure, it’s imperative to have good oral health. So, any cavities or gum inflammation would need to be addressed before getting your teeth whitened. This is why you’ll need a dental exam before moving forward with your whitening procedure.
  • Lifestyle factors. Your habits can affect your teeth whitening results. Consider that smoking, frequently consuming teeth-staining foods such as coffee, tea, or red wine, or inadequate oral hygiene practices can impact the longevity of your whitening results.
  • If you need your smile restored. If you’re considering dental crowns, veneers, or dental implants and would like your teeth whitened, it’s important to have the whitening procedure done before any restorations—we’ll see why in a moment!

Timing for Professional Teeth Whitening

Now that you have an idea of whether you qualify for professional teeth whitening in Asheville, it’s time to determine the best time to get your teeth whitened.

Before Dental Restorations

Teeth whitening treatments are most effective on natural teeth. Dental crowns and veneers do not respond to teeth whitening. This means if you have crowns or veneers and want to whiten your teeth, it’s important to note that these will not whiten like natural enamel.

Therefore, the best time to consider teeth whitening is before getting dental restorations. So if you’re planning to get a dental implant, dental bonding, crowns, or veneers, your dentist in Asheville will work with you to ensure the treatments are completed in the proper sequence so all your teeth match flawlessly—which means doing a professional whitening before your restorations are made.

If you have existing restorations and would like whiter teeth, Dr. Saunders can discuss any potential effects on the shade uniformity of your smile and what you can do about it.

Prior to Special Occasions

Have a big event coming up? A professional teeth whitening is the perfect way to enhance your appearance—and it can be done in just one hour, making it a quick and easy way to look your best.

Many people choose to whiten their teeth before significant events like weddings, graduations, family reunions or holidays, or job interviews. If you have an upcoming event that you would like to look your best for, consider scheduling your professional teeth whitening treatment a few weeks in advance.

Scheduling your teeth whitening procedure a few weeks ahead allows time for any potential sensitivity to subside, resulting in a dazzling smile for your special day. It also gives you time to have touch-ups to your teeth whitening, if needed, to ensure a flawless smile.

After Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

Did you know your teeth are at their whitest after you get them professionally cleaned? A professional teeth cleaning helps remove surface stains and reveal the natural brightness of your smile. So, it’s best to have your teeth professionally cleaned before deciding on the ideal shade of white for your new smile.

A professional teeth cleaning also allows your dentist to properly examine any deep stains your teeth may have to ensure the whitening will be as effective as possible. Some stains may take extra whitening or touch-up procedures to remove, so a professional teeth cleaning gives your dentist an idea of what areas of your smile will need the most attention for a custom whitening procedure.

Post Orthodontic Treatment

Although rare, it is possible to have teeth staining during orthodontic treatment. This is due to plaque building up around wires and brackets, which can be challenging to clean. Typically, teeth staining after braces will go away with a professional teeth cleaning, but if you find your teeth are still stained, teeth whitening is always an option.

In addition to correcting stains, whitening your teeth after orthodontic treatment can bring out all the best features of your new smile and help you show it off. After straighter teeth and a professional whitening, your natural smile is sure to impress.  

When You’re Ready to Maintain a Bright Smile

Teeth whitening can correct multiple types of staining, including stains from food, wine, smoking, coffee, and even white spots from dental fluorosis. However, if you plan on continuing to consume teeth-staining foods and drinks, it may be best to wait to get your teeth whitened until you’re committed to keeping your smile bright.

To keep your teeth white, you’ll need to brush and floss daily and keep your regular dental appointments. However, to maximize the brightness for as long as possible, you’ll need to be mindful when consuming drinks such as red wine, dark beer, strong tea, coffee, and even foods like blueberries or soy sauce.

Drinking water after consuming these things can help, as can drinking teeth-staining beverages through a straw. However, your teeth will still naturally discolor over time, making regular dental cleanings and whitening touch-ups essential for maintaining your new smile.

With the right care, teeth whitening procedures can last up to a year and potentially several years.

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