Dental Examinations

When was your last dental exam? If it’s been more than six months or even a year, consider setting up a dental examination with our professional Asheville dentist at Saunders DDS. Dental examinations do more than just ensure your teeth look fine. Our professional dentist does a comprehensive exam to ensure your smile is in the best shape possible.  After all, your teeth are meant to last you for life. Aren’t they worth a dental exam every now and then?

Comprehensive Dental Examinations in Asheville, NC

During your dental examination with us at Saunders DDS, we make every effort to ensure your smile is healthy and uncover any problems that may exist or have the potential to exist.  As part of a thorough inspection of your mouth, we may take dental x-rays to enhance our ability to find hidden tooth decay or structural problems.

We’ll also talk to you and review your current medical history looking for risk factors that could could affect your oral health.  An example is that there are diseases and medications, such as those taken for depression, allergies, or even high blood pressure, that could cause your mouth to be dry.  Xerostomia, the feeling of oral dryness, increases your risk for oral health problems.

What else happens during your dental exam with us at Saunders DDS?

We will perform an oral cancer screening during your dental examination at our Asheville dental practice. We carefully examine areas in the mouth where oral cancer could exist such as the lips, tongue, cheek, gums, and throat.

It’s also important to discuss any symptoms you may have with us, including any pain or tenderness in your jaw and neck, problems with chewing, swallowing,  speaking, and even numbness. All of these symptoms could be indicative of oral cancer.

Thorough Examination of Teeth and Gums

The supporting bone and gum tissue are your teeth’s foundation.  They are an important part of what makes your mouth healthy.  Furthermore, recent studies have shown that unhealthy gingival tissue not only affects the health of your mouth but may also affect the health of your heart.

Your trained Asheville family dentist can properly examine for any signs of irritation or gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gums.  Left untreated  gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease that could result in the loss of teeth.  Healthy gums support healthy teeth, so your gums will be examined during your dental exam with us. Should any problems be present, Dr. Saunders can talk with you about what we can do to correct the problem.

How you bite and chew, occlude,  can set your mouth up for different oral health problems. These could include shifting teeth, tooth pain, cracks in teeth and even TMD (temporomandibular disorder).  TMD results in jaw pain that, depending on the severity, can be debilitating.

Bite problems are sometimes corrected during the years that young adults or teens receive orthodontic treatment. However, your bite is susceptible to change over time, especially if you have lost teeth or experienced an injury to your face or jaw.

Your dental oral examination by our Asheville, NC dentist will include a occlusion exam to ensure your bite is sound and will not lead to future oral health problems.

Your dental exam with us may also include a professional cleaning, should you choose to have one that same day. Our professional cleanings can help remove any plaque, bacteria, and tartar that could affect your smile over time. Checking your teeth while properly cleaning them can also help us uncover problem areas in your mouth that need a little more attention when you’re brushing and flossing at home.

Dental exams are generally quick, painless, and can help you take the best possible care of your smile. Your dentist in Asheville, NC is a professional that is trained to look for the signs of potential problems, encourage preventative measures, and can help ensure your smile stays healthy for life.

To schedule a dental examination with Dr. Saunders at our Asheville dental practice, give us a call to set up an appointment at 828-277-6060.