What’s the Best Way to Care for My New Dentures?


Dentures are replacements for natural teeth that can either be full sets (for people who are missing all of their natural teeth) or a partial set (for people who are only missing a few natural teeth).

People who may not qualify for dental implants or other restorative dentistry options may choose to get dentures. When you’re missing some or all of your natural teeth, dentures can change your life by restoring the function and appearance of your smile.

If you’ve just gotten new dentures or are considering taking advantage of this restoration for your smile, what should you know about caring for them? Here’s the best way to care for your new set of full or partial dentures.

Use the Right Cleaning Solution

Taking care of your dentures includes cleaning them daily. However, regular toothpaste is usually too harsh to use on dentures as it contains abrasive agents and has the potential to scratch them.

Just because you may not be able to use regular toothpaste doesn’t mean you don’t still have to clean your dentures. You can still buy a non-abrasive toothpaste or other cleaning solution as recommended by your dentist in Asheville, or you can just use plain water and a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your dentures.

Regardless of what solution you use, even if it’s just water, brushing your dentures is essential to removing plaque daily and keeping your dentures clean and healthy for your smile.

Soaking Doesn’t Equal Brushing

If you’re not wearing your dentures, it’s a good idea to soak them so they don’t dry out. Dentures that dry out can warp and change shape, which can lead to an uncomfortable fit.

You can soak your dentures in cold water, or you can also soak them in a cleaning solution overnight when you’re not wearing them. However, remember that soaking–even in a cleaning solution–is not a replacement for brushing your dentures.

Whether or not you choose to soak your dentures in a cleaning solution, remember to brush them daily as part of your regular oral care routine.

Don’t Wear Them 24/7

Whether you have a full set of dentures or a set of partials, it’s a good idea to remove your dentures nightly to give your gums a break from the constant stimulation of the dentures.

You can wear your dentures at night on occasion, but most dentists don’t recommend making this a regular habit.

By removing your dentures at night when they aren’t needed, you can ensure your gum tissue doesn’t get irritated from the constant movement of your mouth and the dentures over time.

As mentioned above, you should always store your dentures in a liquid to keep them from drying out when not in use.

Take Care When Cleaning

Dentures can break if dropped or misused. It’s important to take good care of your dentures while cleaning to ensure that even if you accidentally drop them they won’t break on impact.

To do this, you can put a small towel in your sink when brushing them or even fill your sink up with water. If your dentures fall in the sink, they can still break which will alter their fit in your mouth and will necessitate repairs or possibly a replacement from your Asheville dentist.

Avoid Hot Water When Cleaning

Although you might feel as though you need to use hot water when cleaning your dentures, the truth is that hot water can actually damage your dentures. When cleaning or soaking your dentures, you’ll want to avoid using hot water as it can actually cause your dentures to warp and become misshapen which can change their fit in your mouth.

When cleaning and soaking, use cold water to protect your dentures and keep them comfortable. You can even rinse your dentures with cold water before brushing or after meals to prevent plaque buildup and keep your dentures free of food debris during the day.

See Your Dentist

You may feel that once you have your new dentures, you’re all set and won’t need to return to your dentist in Asheville unless there’s a problem. However, keeping regular appointments with your dentist can help prevent problems with your dentures in the first place.

Your dentist can ensure that your dentures are continuing to fit well so that you can chew and speak properly, but also that they’re comfortable for you to prevent gum irritation. Dentures shouldn’t cause discomfort if they fit properly.

You should never skip your regular dental appointments. Your dentist can not only screen you for oral cancer and help you take the best care of your dentures, but they can also spot problems in the mouth early on to help prevent pain and discomfort in the future.

Replace as Needed

Although your new dentures will last for years with the right care, they’ll eventually need to be replaced. On average, dentures can last anywhere from five to eight years. Your dentist can help you determine when the best time to replace your dentures is based on how well they hold up throughout the years.

Signs your dentures may need to be replaced include visible wearing of the dentures, which may make it harder to keep your dentures clean, difficulty speaking or eating, irritated gums, or dentures that feel loose.

If you’re experiencing any of the signs or symptoms above, it could be time to replace your full or partial denture!

Do I Still Need to Clean My Mouth?

Whether you’re missing all your natural teeth or only some of them, it’s still important that you keep your mouth clean.

If you have remaining natural teeth, brush and floss them as you normally would and clean your partial denture separately when it’s removed.

If you have no natural teeth, you can and should still brush your gums using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste to keep your gum tissue healthy.

Do You Have Dentures?

If you have dentures in Asheville, taking the best possible care of them can ensure your restoration lasts for as long as possible. Taking care of your dentures in addition to your teeth and gums can help you have a functional, healthy smile for life!

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