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  • Partials and Dentures

    Dentures and partial dentures are custom-fitted replacements for your natural teeth. Our dentists in Asheville NC at Saunders DDS can help you decide if dentures are the right choice for your restorative dentistry. Dentures are made to look just like your real teeth and gums—the “gum” base that your artificial teeth rest in will match the color and look of your natural gums seamlessly.

    Full dentures will include both the upper and lower row of teeth. Full upper dentures will also cover the roof of your mouth while lower dentures will have more of a “U” shape to accommodate your tongue.

    Dentures have come a long way since your grandparents wore them. Just how can these teeth replacements benefit your smile?

    Full Dentures

    Full dentures are designed for people who are missing all of their natural teeth, whether due to decay, an accident, or another incident in which none of the natural teeth were able to be saved. They’re completely natural-looking to mimic the look and function of your natural teeth, and you’ll be surprised how much easier things like eating and speaking are with your full dentures.

    Although they’ll take some time and practice to get used to, full dentures can change your life. By replacing your natural teeth and giving you the confidence to smile, chew, and speak properly, full dentures can be an excellent option for those who need a full set of teeth replaced.

    Partial Dentures

    Full dentures aren’t for everyone. People who only need one or two missing teeth replaced may consider partial dentures, which are designed for people who have one or more missing teeth. Partial dentures are custom designed for your unique smile to fill in the gaps and replace missing teeth.

    Partial dentures, like full dentures, are designed to perfectly match your gums, and their color and composition will also match the existing teeth in your mouth. A metal frame will help to hold your partial dentures in place and can be inserted and removed from your mouth with ease.

    While you’re still adjusting to your partial denture, remember not to force the denture into your mouth if it doesn’t seem to fit right. If you’re experiencing any adjustment issues, our Asheville family dentist practice will be happy to see you and make the necessary adjustments.

    Benefits of Dentures

    Dentures make chewing food easier, speaking easier, and help to restore your confidence in your smile. They also help to support the shape of your face, therefore minimizing the effect lost teeth can have on your facial structure. Dentures are custom, made to look like your natural teeth, and can even help fill in missing teeth with partials.

    How to Take Care of Dentures

    Dentures are removable and it’s recommended that they be removed at night and stored in a liquid solution. You shouldn’t let your dentures dry out—they’re meant to be in the wet environment of your mouth, and they should be protected by a quality solution while you sleep to prevent warping or changes in shape to be ready for you the next day.

    Dentures require daily, gentle cleanings with a quality solution. Using toothpaste to clean your dentures isn’t recommended, as some materials can be abrasive to your delicate dentures. Dentures are also prone to breaking and chips, so be sure to handle them with care and always store them in an appropriate environment when not in use. 

    You can take care of your dentures by storing them properly when not in use, ensuring that they don’t break or crack, and visiting your dentist regularly. Over time, your dentures may need to be adjusted to help accommodate changes in your mouth. If you’re experiencing any discomfort with your dentures, give our Asheville dental practice a call.

    Getting Used to Dentures

    Dentures take some time to get used to. Your Asheville dentist, Dr. Saunders, will ensure that your dentures are the correct size and fit for your mouth. You may need to practice speaking to get used to your dentures, and eating soft foods in the beginning will be helpful. You should try to avoid sticky foods while you’re still adjusting to your new dentures.

    Give us a call to schedule an appointment to discover if dentures or partial dentures could be the right choice for your smile! 828-277-6060.