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    Top Reasons Why Your Kids Need a Back-to-School Dental Checkup

    by Saunders DDS on September 8, 2016

    It’s that time of year! The kids are heading back to school and you’re glad summer is finally over. The kids have their new classes, new school supplies, and have had their regular checkup at the doctor to ensure all is well for the year ahead. But did you visit your dentist in Asheville?

    While going to the dentist may not seem like an important thing to do when school starts, your child’s teeth are an important part of development just like the rest of their body. Dental problems can cause more of an impact than you think for your child, especially when it comes to school.

    Here are the top reasons why you should take the time to visit the dentist when your kids head back to school!

    Check for Tooth Decay

    Did you know that dentists in Asheville see 42% of kids aged 2 to 11 that have some form of tooth decay? Unfortunately, many kids are exposed to sugary foods and simple carbohydrates, which oral bacteria feed on. This creates acids in the mouth that can eat away at tooth enamel. When enamel is gone, it can’t be replaced, and cavities are a result.

    Saunders DDS routinely checks for tooth decay to ensure your child’s mouth is healthy. When tooth decay goes unchecked, cavities begin and can get worse, which can lead to toothaches and infections in your child’s mouth. Tooth decay can also cause tooth sensitivity.

    When your child is experiencing the pain or uncomfortableness of tooth decay, it can make it more difficult for them to focus at school. Kids with tooth decay may have trouble concentrating and performing well on assigned tasks. Don’t let your child live with tooth decay take preventive measures and get a check-up! 

    Get a Cleaning

    You teach your kids to do a great job when it comes to brushing and flossing. Although you’ve done your part, it’s up to your child to properly take care of their teeth as they get older and get their permanent teeth. When was the last time you examined your child’s teeth to ensure they did a thorough job?

    Many kids haphazardly brush and then skip flossing due to time constraints. They may not know how to brush and floss properly, or they may not understand the importance of taking care of their teeth. When they visit their dental practice in Asheville, Dr. Saunders can properly examine their teeth and one of his hygienists can complete a professional cleaning.

    Professional cleanings ensure that all plaque is removed and fluoride treatment is applied if needed. During this time, Dr. Saunders and his hygienist can also identify problem areas in your child’s mouth and teach your child how to properly brush and floss in difficult-to-reach spaces.

    Visiting the dentist often motivates kids to better care for their teeth and understand the importance of having a healthy smile. It can also boost their self-esteem when going to school. Having the confidence to smile brightly can make all the difference for the new school year! 

    Talk about Braces

    During your child’s exam, your dentist in Asheville can check for signs that orthodontic work may be needed in the future. Your dentist will check your child’s bite, the position of their baby teeth (if present) and their permanent teeth, and take x-rays that can show the position of the permanent teeth before they erupt.

    Many children will need orthodontics to correct alignment or bite issues that could turn into much bigger problems later on. An incorrect bite or misaligned teeth could lead to an increased risk for bruxism (teeth grinding). Crowded teeth can be very difficult to properly clean, especially for a child.

    Besides the oral health problems misaligned teeth create, crooked teeth can also lead to low self-esteem in children. Many adults are now opting to get braces to correct the problems their parents didn’t or couldn’t fix when they were children.

    When your child comes in for a checkup, Dr. Saunders can examine their teeth and talk with you about orthodontic treatment if it’s necessary. Your child may be a few years away from orthodontic treatment, but the American Academy of Orthodontics recommends children see an orthodontist around age 7 to get examined for treatment!

    Get a Custom Mouthguard

    Back-to-school time often means fall sports for kids! Soccer is a very popular sport that often requires a mouthguard. And let’s not forget about football! When your child is enrolled in sports, one of the things on your list to get is probably a mouthguard.

    Picking up a mouthguard at a sports store is easy, but the protection that it offers your child is minimal. Store-bought mouthguards often fit incorrectly and don’t allow your child the custom protection for their entire smile. Many of them are one standard size, meaning it could be too big for your child’s mouth. If this is the case, your child may have trouble breathing properly during their sports practices and games.

    Store-bought mouthguards also tend to be uncomfortable. As a result, many kids try to avoid wearing them, not realizing the risk of injury to their smile during contact sports.

    With a custom mouthguard, your child can breathe properly and their protective mouth gear will be comfortable and snug. This increases the chances that your child will wear the mouthguard and properly protect their teeth and gums during sports.

    When you come in for a visit, talk to your dentist about custom mouthguards and how they can better protect your smile than conventional mouthguards. With a custom mouthguard, an impression of your child’s teeth is taken and you can have your custom mouthguard back in just a few days.

    Talk to your Asheville dentist about superior protection during sports for your child why risk a lost, fractured, or chipped tooth when you could have complete protection with a custom mouthguard?

    Get Ready for School!

    Protect your child’s smile with an exam at our dental practice in Asheville. With a proper exam, cleaning, and orthodontic assessment, your child will be ready to go through the school year with a great smile. And don’t forget to talk to Dr. Saunders about custom mouthguards, which can protect your child’s teeth and gums during sports.

    It’s not too late to schedule an appointment at our Asheville dental practice. Give us a call to ensure your child’s smile is healthy and ready for a great year ahead!

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