Top 5 Dental Insurance Plans for Implants in 2021

Dental insurance is a great way to get the preventative care services you need and also get a discount on more costly procedures such as oral surgery or even cosmetic procedures. However, not all dental plans are created equal, especially when it comes to dental implants.

Ever growing in popularity, dental implants have become the standard of care for missing teeth, but insurance policies are still catching up with offering coverage for this procedure. Your dental insurance may or may not offer coverage for dental implants, while some plans only offer a portion of coverage.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to insurance for dental implants, as well as the top five dental insurance plans that offer coverage for this procedure in 2021.

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Dental Insurance for Implants

Some insurance policies consider dental implants to be a cosmetic procedure, although it can certainly be a restorative one as well. If you’re missing a tooth or several teeth when you apply for dental insurance, some providers will consider this a pre-existing condition and may not provide coverage for procedures such as dental implants to fix it as a result.

Other things to keep in mind when considering dental implant insurance coverage include:

  • The deductible for your plan, which may affect how much out-of-pocket you have to pay for your dental implants.
  • Whether or not your policy has a maximum, or cap, on how much they will pay towards your dental care every year. For example, if you have already had a few procedures that year and are close to the maximum your provider will pay, it’s probably not a good time to consider a dental implant.
  • If you’ll have copayments or coinsurance for a procedure, which may also affect the total amount you have to pay out-of-pocket.

Remember, getting dental implants is a process, and it doesn’t just happen during one appointment. When considering dental insurance coverage, you’ll need to know if the insurance company will cover the type of implant you need, whether they will cover the extraction or bone graft for your dental implants, if either are necessary, and any other procedures related to the process, such as dental x-rays.

There’s certainly a lot to think about when searching for coverage that will specifically cover dental implants. That’s why we’ve outline the top five plans below for you that patients have rated the best for 2021.

  1. Delta Dental

Available in all 50 states, Delta Dental has a few policies that provide dental implant coverage in addition to preventative services. However, not all of the policies this company provides will cover pre-existing conditions, which they consider to be missing teeth. If you’re covered and need a dental implant and don’t have a pre-existing condition, Delta Dental offers policies that will cover 50% of the procedure.

2. Spirit Dental & Vision

Like Delta Dental, Spirit Dental & Vision won’t cover pre-existing conditions (missing teeth) for dental implant procedures. Their plans also have a maximum amount, which will start at a low amount your first year and increase every year after. For example, you may only have $1,000 cap your first year of coverage, but by your third year, it would increase to $5,000. All of Spirit Dental & Vision’s plans have a $100 deductible. 

3. Ameritas

Ameritas, like Spirit Dental & Vision, has plans with maximums that increase every year. Their dental plans have maximums as low as $1,000 the first year, along with coverage for up to 20% of procedures such as dental implants. However, after your first year of coverage, this cap increases, and the percentage of procedures covered will also increase to 50% of coverage for procedures such as dental implants with an in-network provider. 

4. Aetna

Although Aetna doesn’t have many plans that cover dental implants, the company does offer something called Aetna Vital Savings. This isn’t technically health insurance or a health insurance plan, but rather a dental discount card. For a flat annual fee, Aetna Vital Savings allows patients to opt for procedures for pre-existing conditions, including missing teeth. Aetna Vital Savings has no maximum cap on services and no waiting period.

5. Cigna Dental

Not every dental plan with Cigna will cover dental implants, and the company typically has a maximum that it will pay towards your dental implants. However, their dental coverage can include coverage for things that other policies may not pay for, such as dental crowns (which you will need if you’re getting a dental implant), and teeth whitening. Plans with Cigna Dental also typically have a limit on how many major procedures, such as dental implants, you can get in a single year, such as one dental implant per year.

What Plan Is Right for You?

If you have specific questions about a plan you’re considering, be sure to ask the company when getting a quote. Since dental implants are considered to be a major procedure by most plans, it’s certainly worth having a policy that will pay a percentage towards the procedure.

Should you be searching for dental coverage and already have a missing tooth you’re hoping to get an implant for, it will be well worth your time to find a policy that offers coverage for dental implants even for people with pre-existing conditions such as missing teeth.

You can also ask your dentist in Asheville if they offer an in-house membership plan for their services, in which you pay a flat fee for preventative care and get a discount on additional procedures such as dental implants.

We’re Here to Help at Saunders DDS

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