FAQs About Teeth Whitening in Asheville

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, and for good reason. Having your teeth professionally whitened can dramatically improve your smile and your confidence in about an hour at your dentist’s office.

While many people seek teeth whitening before major or special events, it’s also become a common procedure for anyone who wants to feel great about their smile and remove stubborn stains that won’t come out with regular brushing or teeth cleanings.

You have questions about teeth whitening in Asheville, and we have your answers here—keep reading to learn more about teeth whitening, who qualifies, and other FAQs.

Can I Get My Teeth Whitened If I Have Fillings?

Yes, you can get your teeth whitened if you have fillings. However, regardless of what type of fillings you have—silver amalgam, composite resin, or glass ionomer—it’s important to note that teeth whitening will not change the color of your fillings.

This isn’t typically an issue for people who don’t have visible fillings, such as fillings in the back of their mouths on molars. However, if you have visible fillings, you may need to consider replacing them to match your new smile if you want to professionally whiten your teeth.

Remember that teeth whitening will also not work on dental crowns or veneers, so it’s important to consider whitening your teeth before getting restorations such as these.

Will My Teeth Get White If I Brush Them More?

Brushing your teeth more often may help prevent and remove surface stains, but it won’t necessarily improve their brightness.

In fact, brushing your teeth more often or brushing aggressively with a stiff-bristled toothbrush can damage the tooth enamel and cause it to wear away over time, which can lead dentin, the layer underneath your enamel, to show through. Dentin is naturally a bit more yellow than enamel, so it may cause teeth to look more yellow or discolored.

The best way to keep teeth bright after getting them professionally whitened is to keep your regular dental appointments for professional cleanings to remove surface stains and ensure a bright and healthy smile.

Can I Get My Teeth Whitened If I Have Sensitive Teeth?

Yes, patients who have sensitive teeth can get their teeth whitened as long as their teeth and gums are otherwise healthy. We take extra precautions to protect your teeth during the teeth whitening process to minimize any side effects of sensitivity. For example, we may use a fluoride application prior to your treatment to reduce sensitivity after the procedure.

How Soon After Teeth Whitening Can I Drink Coffee?

We recommend avoiding coffee and other food-staining foods and drinks for about 48 hours after your teeth whitening procedure. This reduces the risk that your newly whitened teeth will become noticeably stained.

If you’d like to keep your teeth as bright as possible, you can drink water right after consuming coffee, red wine, dark berries, or soy sauce to reduce the risk of staining. Using a straw with some teeth-staining beverages, such as cola, can also help your teeth stay whiter.

Is Getting Your Teeth Whitened Painful?

Getting your teeth whitened does not hurt. Your gum tissue will be protected during the whitening process to avoid irritation or sensitivity. And while you may experience some mild tooth sensitivity for a few days after the procedure, this will resolve on its own.

Patients who have sensitive teeth may be more prone to sensitivity after the procedure, so it’s important to let your dentist know if you have sensitive teeth so they can take the necessary precautions.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

It depends on how well you care for your smile, the types of foods and drinks you consume, and your oral health. Most patients can expect their teeth to stay bright for about a year after a professional whitening, if not much longer.

You can extend this time by keeping your appointments for professional cleanings, limiting foods and drinks that can stain your smile, and getting touch-up whitenings in the office as needed.

Does Teeth Whitening Damage Your Enamel?

Teeth whitening has not been shown to damage tooth enamel. While some bleaching methods can slightly alter the enamel’s surface, this is not an issue for most patients. Teeth whitening is considered a safe and effective procedure for getting a brighter smile without damaging teeth.

In addition, getting your teeth professionally whitened enhances the safety of the procedure. Using over-the-counter kits can result in uneven whitening and damage to the gums. When misused, these kits can even cause harm to the tooth enamel.

Getting teeth whitening in Asheville done by a professional is the safest way to whiten your teeth. The procedure only takes about an hour, and your smile will be noticeably brighter when you leave our office, whereas take-home kits can take weeks to work and may not result in a dramatic difference.

How Often Do I Need to Get My Teeth Whitened?

It depends on how bright you’d like your teeth to be, what foods and drinks you consume that can stain teeth, and how well you care for your smile. You may need touch-ups to your smile every six months, or you may be able to go a year or longer without getting your teeth whitened. It all depends on your unique smile and lifestyle.

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for My Appointment?

Before getting your teeth whitened, we recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned. This will help remove surface stains and give us a good idea of the baseline brightness of your smile so we can help you select the appropriate color for your teeth.

On the day of your teeth whitening appointment, you should still brush your teeth as usual. While you can eat before the appointment, it’s best to avoid teeth-staining and acidic foods and drinks that can weaken the enamel.

Schedule a Consultation for Teeth Whitening in Asheville

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